Services, Railway Infrastructure

Dr Martin Murray of KCPM Consulting Pty Ltd has provided specialist consulting and R&D services to the civil engineering industry for over 30 years and to the railway industry for over 25 years. Major clients in Australia have included Queensland Rail, RailCorp, Australian Rail Track Corporation, VicRail, WestNet Rail, Rio Tinto, Roy Hill Mining, Adani Mining, BHPBilliton, GHD, Carter Holt Harvey, CSR, Australian Particleboard Research Institute, Queensland Police, and the Cement and Concrete Association. KCPM can provide specialist support to the railway industry in the following areas.
  • sleeper design and life prediction;
  • track dynamics and track-train interaction;
  • track degradation and maintenance analyses;
  • track rating for upgraded traffic conditions;
  • rail structures design;
  • independent advice to track owners;
  • independent testing of track components (through links with Queensland University of Technology and the University of Wollongong).
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Services, Engineering Education

As a senior engineering academic for 35 years across four major universities, Dr Murray provided teaching and leadership at all levels from professional continuing education programs for commercial clients like Etihad Rail in the UAE through to university PhD and Master degree research supervision, as well as developing and teaching Master coursework programs, Bachelor of civil engineering programs, and Associate Degree programs. KCPM can provide engineering educational services in the following areas.

  • course and program development;
  • railway infrastructure;
  • statics, materials and professional learning courses;
  • structural engineering;
  • concrete design and materials.
(Please click on the "Expertise" button on your right to see the range of publications arising out of this work).
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